North Kingstown Drama

sponsored by: The North Kingstown Arts Council

Cast List

(I have double cast the show. Saturday production / Sunday production)
Please read all roles, you may have been cast as two different roles in the production :) 
Please note that "Young Fiona, Teen Fiona, Young Shrek, Mama Ogre, Papa Ogre, Pied Piper, Puss in Boots, Rooster, Dwarf (Grumpy)" are all also Fairy Tale Characters. The opposite cast kids will be in the other show in the ensemble. I will be going through the ensemble characters this weekend to fine tune everyone's characters. 

Storyteller 1 / Blind Mouse 1: Mary Schartner / Karilyn Shamblen
Storyteller 2 / Blind Mouse 2: Ava Sardelli / Kylie Shea
Storyteller 3 / Blind Mouse 3: Cameryn Clarke / Lily Prescott
Shrek: Liam McCarthy / Alex Laquale
Lord Farquaad: Noah Schein / Nicholas Girasole
Donkey: Eli Prescott / Lauren Thole
Dragon: Isabella Previte / Chelsea Gartland
Fiona: Emma Schein / Sophia Jones
Young Fiona: Monroe Anastasi / Lylia Davies
Teen Fiona: Olivia Gravier / Charlotte Ciano
Pinocchio: Conor McCarthy / Rhys Bowman
Gingy: Victoria Cormier 
Captain of the Guard: Max Lima
Witch: Audrey Voccio
Mama Ogre: Emilia Cormier / Jordan D'Allesandro
Papa Ogre: Aidan Boyd / Steven Burke
Young Shrek: Rocco Coseglia / Lucy Dunning
Pig 1: Kendall Rolle / Gavin Shipperley
Pig 2: Hana Toler / Florian Quarmeau
Pig 3: Bryce Hindle / Guillaume Quarmeau 
Mama Bear: Isabella Montini
Papa Bear: Drew Downey / Charlie Burke
Baby Bear: Cooper Sweeney
Peter Pan: Madison Connors
Wolf: Brody Hindle / AJ Laurent
Ugly Duckling: Alice Dunning
Puss in Boots: Emma Siciliano / Violet Beres
Rooster: Natalie Ciano
Pied Piper:  Hannah Fries
Bishop: Calin Smith
Dwarf (Grumpy): Eila McCarthy / Ila Kutcher
Guard / Prisoner Group 1 (Knight 1) / Traveler: Dylan Gentile
Guard / Prisoner Group 1 / Traveler:
Lily Prescott / Cameryn Clarke
Guard / Prisoner Group 2 (Knight 2)  / Traveler: Malcolm Lima
Guard / Prisoner Group 2 / Traveler: Chelsea Gartland / Isabella Previte
Guard / Prisoner Group 2 / Traveler: Kylie Shea / Ava Sardelli
Guard / Prisoner Group 3 (Knight 3) / Traveler:
Calin Smith
Guard / Prisoner Group 3 (Knight 4) / Traveler:
Camdin Smith
Guard / Prisoner Group 3 / Traveler: Karilyn Shamblen

Fairy Tale Characters
Sleepy: Rhys Bowman (Saturday only)
Sneezy: Gavin Shipperley / Kendall Rolle
Doc: Florian Quarmeau (Saturday only)
Happy: Guillaume Quarmeau (Saturday only)
Bashful: AJ Laurent 
Dopey: Monroe Anastasi
Thing 2: Riley McHale
Thing 1: Sydney Henson
White Rabbit: Savvina Arsenis
Tinkerbell: Olivia Powers
Jaq (Cinderella's Mouse): Olivia Hesford
Little Red Riding Hood: Abigail Ryan
Flora: Abigail Nicolopoulos
Fauna: Valerie Carroll
Merryweather: Annie Hildebrand
Simba: Ryan Comeau
Ella Toler
Snow White: Charlotte Ciano / Olivia Gravier 
Paige Clarke
Chip: Greta Roche
Dale: Hannah Duva
Thumper: Lylia Davies
Dalmation (Duchess): Senna Clark
Dalmation (Rolly): London Anastasi
Dalmation (Patch): Gabriella Plante
Dalmation (Lucky):
Trudy Bullard
Dalmation (Penny):
Rachel Hesford
Dalmation (Freckles): Ila Kutcher / Eila McCarthy
Dalmataion (Jewel): Violet Beres / Emma Siciliano
Dalmation (Fidget):
Lucy Dunning / Rocco Coseglia 
Dalmation: Lucie Quarmeau

Duloc Dancers / Travelers
Alyssa McGrady, Sarah Whelan, Lillian DiTomasso, Elena Harris, Hannah Fratus
Steven Burke / Aidan Boyd
Charlie Burke / Drew Downey
Nicholas Girasole (on Saturday only)
Lauren Thole (on Saturday only)
Sophia Jones (on Saturday only)

Valerie Carroll, Alyssa McGrady, Olivia Powers, Olivia Gravier, Sarah Whelan, Rocco Coseglia, Kylie Shea, Isabella Previte

Tech Crew
Cameron Boyd, Chyna Brown, Benjamin Edwards, Liliana Faherty, Liam McCarthy (Sunday only)